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Why Some Men Beat Their Women

For those of us constantly in line with media reports, Akolade Arowolo’s charge, prosecution and eventual death verdict is no news. That, however, isn’t the reason I’m here this morning. I’m here to share my views on what I believe … Continue reading

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What was that?

I knew I didn’t love him anymore. The only man that genuinely loved me. Or, rather, acted it out so well. Adinoyi. From the way my shoulders slouched on sighting his beautiful face at my gate, and my heart sank … Continue reading

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The Yelling Rage 1

Everyone knows you aren’t mad. But you think otherwise. You believe it takes more than ‘everyone knowing you aren’t mad’ to convince you that the trait isn’t lodged in some critical part of your faculty judging the way you act … Continue reading

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‘Happy’ Married Life 2

I let him have his way in every aspect of my lie; physically, emotionally, mentally. Basically, I lived for him. I gave him the freedom to do with me whatever he wanted whenever and however it pleased him. But like … Continue reading

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‘Happy’ Married Life 1

I had my my first breath of fresh air since the last 52 years of my life when my husband breathed his last a week ago. It had been at St. Gerald’s hospital, in the early hours of saturday morning. … Continue reading

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