Why Some Men Beat Their Women

For those of us constantly in line with media reports, Akolade Arowolo’s charge, prosecution and eventual death verdict is no news. That, however, isn’t the reason I’m here this morning.

I’m here to share my views on what I believe are some of the reasons why some men beat their women.

You might wonder why I choose to talk strictly about ‘Men beating Women’. Well, if you’re a man and your wife beats you, sorry o… I have no clue at all concerning why your wife should be able to flaw you in a wrestling contest. Maybe some more akpu in your diet will do. Lol!

While it surprises a lot of you why a husband should be abusive at all to someone he sees as part of himself, it baffles me more why a woman should remain in an abusive relationship.

However, still, that’s not the reason I’m here.

I’m here because I want to share my views on why some men beat their women. I’m repeating myself too much shey?

Okay. Shoot!

From my experiences, findings and reasoning, I came up with the following points;

1. The ‘See Finish’ Syndrome; This is a condition I heard about first from Charly Boy. It is definitely one of the major reasons why physical abuse happens in a relationship. The intial sparkle is lost. Therefore, you no longer see your woman as a part of you. Rather, she’s more like a scab on your flesh you know would most probably never go. So you gnaw at her at the slightest irritation. (Why the change in feelings happen, I do not really know and I’m not talking about it here.) Like someone once said, you don’t ever get so angry as to smash your blackberry against the wall when it hangs while you’re doing something important with it. Not to talk of hurting someone as precious as yourself.

2. Uncontrollable anger: When it comes to control of anger, some men are at grade zero. They are ready to throw rolled fist at the slightest provokation. Testosterone surge things I guess. True, some women’s bad mouth could displace even the devil from hell. But, guy, haba…

3. Over Machoness; “I’m a man, she’s merely a woman, so she can’t be as strong as I am.” And so when you’re challenged, the most suitable way to wield your superiority is to hit her. I call this thinking of the Early Man. ‘Homo…’ what is it called again? In some cases anyway, some men are proven wrong after the first fight.

3: History of Violence; Some men have been known with history of violence right from time. Probably they grew up in an abusive home, or ordinarily they are bullies, or they fought their way through life. So it runs in their veins, and no sort of counselling will ever mutate the gene.

4. Psychological Problem; Some men actually believe their wife enjoy battering. Because she gives them the best of everything, from sex to food to whatnot, after the session. Such men I advice should go have their head examined.

5. An Act of Discipline; Don’t be so surprised to know that some men see battering their wife as an act of disciplining them. To them, they are more like kids that need to be corrected by swinging the stick. Well…

6. The devil; Well, the devil won’t stop existing simply because you accuse him falsely all the time. When he pushes you to fight your wife, why has it never been to hit yourself so hard that you’ll have all the reason to resist him next time?

What else?

I think I’ve tried with my points. You can do whatever you like with them. Maybe analyse, find out if they’re true or false, find out where your own situation lies and see how to deal with it, or…anything. It’s open to you.

Before the end of this week, I should bring up some points why Women Are Beaten By Men.

Thank you so much for reading.


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One Response to Why Some Men Beat Their Women

  1. Dr2103 says:

    Honestly, this is one topic ‘ve been yearning to write about somewhere inside my head, for ages now! But eventually, it dawned on me that one may never truly understand this issue until one is maybe opportune to have a heart to heart talk with one or two victims to, perhaps, see things from their POV; because ‘m certain there is more to this than meets the eye. But this which you’ve written will suffice atleast till more truth can be dug out!

    Welldone blogger! 😀

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