In Need Of Proofreaders


Good day my good people of God. Umunnem na umunnam…Lol!

Actually, I need your help.

I need the help of fellow writers to proofread a section of my upcoming book.

It’s a plea.

For your help, you get a paper bound copy of the book for free when it’s finally released. Or the equivalent of its cost in whichever form you want.

The section you would work on would be just a chapter.

I also need a poet.

For those that have already earlier indicated their interest in assisting, I still remember and I really appreciate your willingness.

But I still need more hands.

Please, after you have recieved the section you’re to work on, it should not stay with you longer than two weeks. After the stipulated period, it is assumed that you just dumped it aside. It won’t be accepted anymore. You don’t even need to send it.

My twitter handle is babyada_chi. You can mention for a follow back and send me your email address via DM if you do not wish to drop it in the comment box below this post.

Let’s help each other to grow our dreams.

You can also give suggestions and advice that would help. Thank you.

Thank you and God/Ogun/Allah/Jah bless us all.


About babyadachi

I don't know who I am. I just know that I want to impact on the world using my keyboard.
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11 Responses to In Need Of Proofreaders

  1. Seun Odukoya says:

    Hmm. Okay na.

    We’ll talk. Good going anywho.

  2. U already have my e-mail, I think. Here it is again-

  3. Dr Erhumu says:

    Waiting eagerly.

  4. echibuzor says:

    Count on me any time any day! Bring it on!

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