My Prince in Shining Armour

Never for one peaceful night

Under my flurry sheets

Have I dreamt to meet one

So, I wasn’t distressed


After decades of careful soujourn

I never did meet any

But I did meet a prince…

A kookie one

With fists gloved in iron

Binding chains for body ornaments

A hole for a heart

Eyes that never roved

Mouth that lacked partition

And ears as wide as his head

I chose to make one out of him

So I ungloved and unchained him

Made an armour with his pieces

And tried to sheath him with it

But my armour never covered past his head

So, in the end

What I got

Was merely

A prince in Shining Oversize Helmet


About babyadachi

I don't know who I am. I just know that I want to impact on the world using my keyboard.
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