While I Wait for You

The time we met here…

On this slurry path
Lain with rubbies and pines
Then, it was but just dawn
The glory time of it
When clouds gave way for light
And air lives sang with might

We were weary and cold…

From long works on wrong nights
And, so, when we did meet
We lived our noble lives
In a most humble way
Together, yet as one
Like in the whole wide world
Nothing else could mean more
Than hearts that felt delight
At thoughts of care for one

At moments, we did part…

But even when we did
It was for heaven’s sake
As well as that of earth
To ask our inner selves
If what we felt and saw
Could take us down the path
Where we would back no more
No matter what came by
In yonder time to come

Each time you took the leave…

And, once more you do same
This time, a farther one
Still with the usual vow
To return quick for me
Before the lights go out
And never more return

But now, the lights go out
And the clouds part no more
Night take its rightful place
Strong over light of day

Each time, I wait for you…

Yet, even with your hue
Seeming no more in sight
That same act, I still keep
With the flicker of hope
Of you left in my mind
Now, striving to stay on

But, this time, while I do
I plead you to leave me
To explore this calm path
Which runs wide down the land
To places I know not
But hope to lead to where
Once more my light would beam


About babyadachi

I don't know who I am. I just know that I want to impact on the world using my keyboard.
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