Inside the brightly lit office, they stood together with their bodies plastered to each other, and their arms wrapped so tightly around themselves that they seemed to be performing a rite that would eventually lead to them vanishing into each other’s body. They were both still dressed in office uniform of navy blue suits, and on their third fingers were wedding bands that gleamed in the dazzling light inside the office, as though screaming to remind them of who, and where they were. But obviously, at that moment, to them nothing else in the world mattered, other than the exciting tour their lips and tongues were taking through each other’s mouth.

Through the slits of the flying window blinds behind them, outside was in clear view. The reflection of light from headlamps and light-bulbs out there shone brightly against the dark milieu of the sky.

The loud honk of a heavy duty vehicle jostled the man and he broke away instantly from the lady, throwing a quick glance at the window where the noise had come from. He looked unsettled with the way he moved his gaze and his chest heaved rapidly.

“Erm…don’t you think we should go somewhere err…more comfortable?” he asked confusedly, rubbing his hands through his shaved hair as he subconsciously licked his lips. For someone his complexion they looked too red, and obviously at that instant, were about twice their normal size. The lady, who still had her head bent, pushed away some strands of the long hair that strayed to her face and heaved.

“No. Here,” she replied rather impatiently, looking up. Her eyes were large, and intense desire burned in them. The man stared back timidly. Inside the white light they stood, her fair complexion looked almost flawless. The lush thought of him having a luxurious feel of it that evening made his head swirl with lust.

“Well, I was only c…c..considering your convenience,” he stuttered, shutting his eyes in his vain attempt to shut off the hot desire that filled him as he stared at her. At that instant, the voice in his head that had been speaking to him since they were alone that evening suffused again. This time he wanted to listen to it. But before he knew it, the lady leaned forward and took his lips hungrily again in her mouth, as though any more wasted moment would derange her.

At first, he stayed still with his eyes shut, as though undecided about the next move to make. Then, slowly, his shaking hands moved to her buttocks and squeezed them lightly. The lady stiffened, arching further into him in anticipation for further moves. But after they stood in that same position for a while, she took one of his hands off her backside and slid it up her shirt, gasping as it brushed her breasts and caressed its tip roughly. Still wriggling from his touch, she moved her hand down his abdomen and sought his crotch. The man recoiled from her touch, and a sweet moan escaped his throat against the respite welling up inside him at the thought of her being a whore. As her hands grabbed his manhood and held it firmly, in a flash, he began to unbutton her shirt, each slow careful rub of her hand down him sending sparks through his entire being.

Suddenly, he stopped.

“The door!” he said, gasping from the wild excitement that had engulfed him, his eyes fixed on it.

“Emeka, we’re alone in the building!” the lady said impatiently, frustration evident in her hoarse tone. Emeka shook his head.

“No, Nneka, don’t say that.” The sound of her name in his voice felt strangely enticing, and at it she felt her emotions soar. With long quick strides, she walked up to the door and locked it. Emeka looked on morosely, wishing he could awaken from whatever hypnotized state he was at that moment. The lady pulled off her shirt and slid out of her skirt before returning to him.

Emeka watched on with bloated senses as she slowly and seductively walked up to him and pushed him till he fell into the leather sofa in the office, before carefully pulling down his trousers and bending over him.

His senses blanked out the moment her mouth came in contact with his skin, leaving only the thought of the immense pleasure he was having in the hands of this wonder lady, and of course her indelible personality. She was his secretary. And a married woman for Christ’s sake, which was even the main reason he had employed her in the first place when she requested for a chance to fill that position three months ago. He felt with her, the ability to stay true to his word to be ever faithful to his wife would be more possible. But now here he was, completely enmeshed in the emotional mess he got into with her.

How that began still confused to him. Though, it was lame to deny to himself the fact that he felt a connection towards her from the first moment they had met. Perhaps it was what made him give her the job in the first place. After all, she hadn’t been the only married woman that had wanted that position. But funny enough, later, he had somehow guessed that she likewise nursed cravings for him. The first time he had become more convinced about this had been that morning about a month ago, when he had come into the office looking very boring. He hadn’t closed his eyes a wink all through the previous night due to a scuffle he had with wife at home, and due to that had lain awake all through nursing the hurt. Nneka on the other side had come to work that day looking most enticing. She had never looked more beautiful, or so he had felt. He didn’t know how she had known that he wasn’t feeling alright. But she had known all the same, and her charm had worked with her that day to achieve her aim of livening him up. She had even gone as far as giving him tips on what to do the next such situation arose.

“When next she picks a quarrel with you, just give her space. Leave the house for her,’ she had advised.

“And go where?” he had teased, half expecting a response.

“My place,” she had responded with a giggle that most probably meant she was joking, and he had also taken it that way. Though his mind did otherwise. He had smiled and thanked her for her concern, and from that day, a new friendship had started between them. No day passed without her asking after his wife. Even though at times they joked and laughed together about certain issues, it never went beyond that. Their cravings for each other remained well locked away inside them.

Then one morning, she didn’t appear at the office. And didn’t drop any message about why she was absent. When he waited till work hours was over and still didn’t hear from her, he called her to inquire what the matter was. It was then she had told him that she sustained injuries the previous day from her husband’s battering, and so would be staying away from work for a while to recuperate. At the news, Emeka had been too shocked. His notion about her marriage with the way she always presented herself was that it was nothing short of perfect. For the three days she was away, he missed her terribly, a feeling that hadn’t come much as a surprise to him.

On her return, he had felt like someone who just recovered a lost asset. He couldn’t believe his outrage at the marks on her body when he saw her. This was when the regular calls to her to inquire after her well-being began.

Then just yesterday, he had told her they would be staying longer at the office this evening to round up some office work that needed to be submitted the next day, and she had accepted without any hesitation. Though the thought of having an affair with her had propped up, but it had happened just the way any other issue would do, and so he hadn’t held much seriousness to it. Until this evening when she had walked into his office after the last worker on their floor left the office.

They had been standing next to each other and going through a file on his table when the first form of contact had occurred. Her buxom bosom that always stood straight like an aimed firearm had brushed against his arm. He had thought it was unintended until it occurred again, and again. That was when he had raised his face from the file to look at her and become hypnotized.

The first wave of guilt hit him when he was on the verge of climaxing. He remembered his wife, Bella, and how much she meant to her. He felt even more guilty at the fact that he was just considering that. No matter his reason for doing this, he knew his action was unforgivable if she ever got to know about it.

As Nneka got off him, an entirely new feeling towards her took over him. He knew one thing was certain, that their act that evening would never repeat itself. And he was going to ensure that in the only way he knew was most possible.

Still lying exhausted on the couch, Nneka wore a satisfied smile as she watched Emeka slowly get up and begin to sort his cloths from the floor. This had always been what she wanted and nothing else; to get even with her husband by having an affair with her boss, just the way he was doing with his boss at his place of work.    




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  1. Adisa Mofoluwaso says:

    Nice piece, i pray I† doesn’t happen ‎​†☺ •̸Ϟﻉ or my husband .

  2. King kObOkO says:

    Reblogged this on THE LIGHT OF AFRICA!! and commented:
    A thoroughly engrossin story!!! Fling urself in2 it *winks*

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