Diary entry 10: THE STORY

This is the story of what brought about the fire that ravaged Evaristus mother’s farm and the eventual misery of the family. Well, at least I should be able to tell my diary if not anyone else.

It was in the year 1867 in dry weather. There had been an outbreak of Andromeda disease, a plague that affected majorly women. It’s major symptom was deformation of their faces, hands and feet, and destabilizing them emotionally. Virtually all the women suffered from it, but those that fell sick from the attack were those that had double doses of the infectious organism running in their system. These were women who were pregnant with female children. And my mother had been one of them.

Though not a deadly epidemic, the sick ones suffered it all through the pregnancy period, and those who were too weak died at child birth.

Being a new epidemic, it had no effective refined cure. The only known medication for it was being administered by a tradtional doctor from Lusiama who focused only on the sick ones due to the severity of their own cases.

Unlike other women, my mother hadn’t responded to his treatment. But he had told her not to worry, that she wouldn’t die because I was a special child. He said the world needed me and for me to be presentable the way it did, I needed her. So the both of us would survive. But mother hadn’t believed him. So the last time she visited his place and he refused to administer to her any more medications, she had stolen some of his medicines before leaving there.

All that while, father was oblivious of the fact that she had been seeking help from a traditional doctor because he detested it. Due to this, mother couldn’t keep the medicine in the house because she feared that he would raze the house if he found out. Besides, the smell was too strong for it to be kept there unnoticed. So mother had buried it in the portion of land they owned from part of Evaristus mother’s farm, the one where father had underlaid the wire he used to draw electricity illegally from Lusiama before the government approved electricity in Ulinis.

The fire had started on the day she had chosen to give up on using the medicines anymore since it brought no improvement on her health. Those who were there when the fire began said there had been the noise of an explosion from that end where she buried the medicines before they saw the fire.

When I later enquired about the medication, I’d found out it contained majorly the powder of Typha and Melaleuca herbs.


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