Diary entry 4: ME

Eletrika. Eletrika Powers. I know a lot of you must have been expecting this. Well, this is me. Grab me if you can.

I used to be the daughter of the most powerful man in Ulinis until his reign ended. True, everything that begins must end. He was the first man that brought electricity to Ulinis, which I later discovered was the cause of the fire that ravaged Evaristus’ mother’s farm. How? That’s tale for another time. Till now, he’s still as ignorant of that fact as a mule. I mean both of them. Everyone that knows about it except me.

Not too short, not too tall. Though a lady, I’m as thick as a heavy weight champion, a clear show that I learned life the hard way. I don’t know if it was of my own making or that of the people that led me. But that’s how things turned out to be.

Due to this I’ve rarely known happiness, but it’s hard to depict that when you’re with me because I’m not a ‘saddist’ as some people would think. At times I try not to believe that I’ve never known it because I know I must have done sometime, probably when I was too young to appreciate it, which is why I still have some of it.

To some people happiness is a four letter word according to a writer I know. To others it’s an eight letter word, a word that begins with a capital H or whatever trite they choose to believe. To me, the letters that spell that word aren’t in the alphabet. But that’s no reason why I should feel smitten.

After all happiness is ethereal. It’s beyond this world. You can only get the chance to embrace it fully on earth when you’re madly in love with the greatest being in the universe. I mean MADLY in love, not pretending to be as many people I know do. And it’s extremely hard to do that. So it’s extremely hard to be happy. I’m beginning to sound spiritual right? Sorry. But that’s the truth. Forget about getting it from your acquistion. You’ll be just as disappointed as every other person.

I know some people have it in abundance, while some lack it but bear other people’s own. Life’s Breath Bearer is one. But for some, it’s unfortunate they’ll will never know it. I’m not cursing anyone.

No matter how carefully I tread on earth, I’ve always slipped and fallen really hard, which is why I bear these several bumps all over my life. I’m presently at that edge where just very few people are. But I appreciate it because from here I see things very clearly, too clearly that at times I have to move away to avoid my memory from being blotted out with the too many scenes from life. A lot of humans are blind. And it’s a pity they might remain that way for the rest of their lives.

I used to be the lady of the nicest man on earth. I still am, but…

I also used to be the most wonderful mother on earth. I still am, but…

You’re getting pissed right? Oh get out! It’s my diary and I choose to leave out whatever I want from it.

I’m a very nosy person, I’m sure you know that already. By profession I should be out there working to save the world from being wiped out by impeding plagues. I’m doing that anyway, but not in the way I should have been expected to do as a scientist. I’m trying to save the world from the plague that would be caused by their own ignorance. So I’m what?

So here I am right now, relishing the freedom of single-hood as I gather information about life…and spending a good part of the time watching…or rather studying Life’s Breath Bearer.


About babyadachi

I don't know who I am. I just know that I want to impact on the world using my keyboard.
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