Diary entry 3: WHO HE IS

I’m the highly inquisitive kind of person, so the moment I develop interest in you, I’ll go on to find out more about you. My bad.

A 5ft 7” man. Not too tall for a guy but perfect. You don’t get me? I said perfect! Yeah. For me that’s what his height is. Dark with broad shoulders and thick torso. Small bright eyes that gleam with a mix of high intelligence and confusion. Pliable lips. And few strands of deliberately left chin hair.

He’s a native of this town, Lusiama. Born to a now deranged man and burnt out of recognition woman; vegetable couple. Sorry, this sounds nasty, but that’s their present states right now.

His mother used to own the largest corn field in Lusiama, until the field burnt up one afternoon from an ‘unknown fire outbreak’, according to my source of information. Out of frustration she’d ran into the inferno when she got to the site after she was informed, and saw her field on fire. She’d been eventually rescued with her eight months old pregnancy which she was delivered of shortly afterwards.

His father used to be a famous artiste. Great in every sense, until he lost his sanity when he saw his wife in her new state after the inferno incident.

Inspite of his parents’ poor state, he chose to grow up with them. So he spent most of his growing up days in a hospital and psychiatric. He spent the rest part of it with an uncle and aunt who despised him because he gave no hoot about them.

A drop-out phyilosophy student of the University of Michigan. In his time he used to be the most intelligent student. So intelligent that he was offered scholarship, which he rejected. He chose to see himself through his education. But along the way he couldn’t cope and so quit school.

Presently, I don’t know what he does.

After the inferno incident, his father, in his poor state of mind, was always seen drawing a picture; the image of a boy deflecting air with the parts of his body that could be seen on the drawing. A drawing he’d never ever completed. And beneath the drawing was always a signed name; Evaristus Cornfield. The name that was eventually given to his son.

Evaristus Confield is his name.


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I don't know who I am. I just know that I want to impact on the world using my keyboard.
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